Get a fresh perspective the next time you sit in a theater hall or in front of your television set to catch a movie through Film Louvre‘s thoughtful criticism on movies. Film Louvre believes that a film critic can be a very useful marketer of films, but with a catch: he or she has to like the film! Film Louvre also believes that critics have to be film enthusiasts to stay relevant and make a name for themselves, and this is only possible when they continually stay updated with the works of fellow critics and film theorists. Film Reviews strives to continually improve in its assessment of movies without forgetting that the blog is for all people. So check out Film Louvre and get to know what films are worth your money and what are not!

Film Louvre reviews Bollywood, Hollywood and World Films – old & new, silent & sound, mainstream & indie, short & feature length and television films!

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  1. Hey thanks for liking/following my blog. In case you are intending to watch a new or an old Bollywood film but need someone’s opinion, do send me the name of the film and I’ll give you my take. And please do recommend some great world movies!

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  3. I struggled to find your page just to say this. I’m a film critic myself and most of your reviews are nauseating. “Thoughtful reviews” can be changed to “non-conformist reviews”. Don’t use phrases like “leaves the audience” because nobody else will feels like you. Thanks and hopefully you stop reviewing and save some cloud space for the future generation.

    • I beg to differ. First of all, I can’t make out whether you are talking about the reviews I wrote for ourvadodara.in or the assessments on Film Louvre blog. I presume you read my review of Chaplin because that’s the last place where I’ve used the phrase ‘leaves the audience’. How many reviews have you read in totality? The ‘most of your reviews’ remark seems vague and I’m uncertain as to whether you pass this judgement based on a couple of recent reviews or a large chunk of my reviews. If you be more specific as to the reviews you went through and tell me how I’m being ‘non-conformist’, I’d be able to put forth my argument because your current comment comes across as a rant from a disgruntled fan of some film I wasn’t kind to. Another thing – as a ‘critic’, I’m surprised you are being so harsh and dismissive for a guy who in your opinion is ‘non-conformist’. I’ve been very kind to a great deal of films such as ‘Vertigo’, ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘Lunchbox’, ‘Ship of Theseus’, ‘Stoker’, ‘City Lights’, ‘Singing in the Rain’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘La Dolce Vita’, ‘8 1/2’ etc. Tell me exactly where I’ve been ‘non-conformist’ instead of making generalized statements. And also send me a link to your reviews if possible.

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