News Editing Assignment #1 – Updated A Touching Tale Of Humanity; a Tribute To Our Unsung Heroes

The article on Heart Transplant featured in Times Of India is a poignant example of humanity that often goes unnoticed in newspapers that choose to impregnate their copies with saddening and shameful articles on corruption and violence. Featured at the bottom of the front page that, as expected, is otherwise buried knee-deep in scandals, this article stands out as refreshing and reassuring.

The headline itself raises curiosity about the article’s content – ‘Traffic stops to help youth get heart in time’. Referring to the traffic that gave way for police vehicles and ambulances that carried the heart all the way from Pune to Mumbai in record time to save a person’s dear life, it beautifully encapsulates the essence of the article. I’ve seen ambulances with sirens blaring struggling to move past traffic, and Mumbai traffic can truly give the most horrible time, ultimately resulting in the unfortunate untimely death of someone. But to read an article that captures the selfless effort of the Mumbai and Pune police, often represented as apathetic and venal by media, really comes as a pleasant surprise.

I was reminded of some Bollywood films, so boundless in their optimism that they undo with all logic for a happy ending, as I was reading this. The happy ending in this story is that the person’s new heart was beating and his kidney and liver that had got affected in the last few months were showing signs of normalcy. The heroes here are the team of police and doctors, pumped with the passion equivalent to Munna Bhai, who saved a life without expecting any reward or appreciation.

The article in Times of India is perhaps biggest tribute to these heroes.

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