Shringaar (Make-Up): A Day In the Life of A Woman


Spark Plug Films and Rotary Club of Baroda Present Shringaar: A Day In the Life of A Woman, A Two Minute Short on Street Harrassment. This has also been posted on the Facebook Page of Ourvadodara, the Vadodara-based portal where I submit reviews of Friday releases. Check it out.

Here is a transcript of the entire short, including a translation of the poem spoken in Hindi in the first minute of the short.


Shringaar (Make Up) : A Day in the Life of A Woman

I put on makeup

… they stalk.

Apply kohl to my eyes

… they humiliate.

Wear lipstick

… they leer.

Wear a dress of my choice

… only to be denuded by their eyes.

How can I call them men – when they sell-off their manhood on streets?

You don’t dress up for them. So why stay silent about them?

Staring at you

‘Accidently’ touching you

Pinching your bottom

Brushing past you

Whistling and honking at you

Making passes at you

Following you

Exposing themselves to you

Pissing in front of you

Masturbating in front of you

Can Lead To

Threatening You

Attacking You

Molesting You

Raping You

Speak up and Raise an Alarm.

Call the police, speak to your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues or boss.

Do anything but don’t stay silent.

Naari (Women) against street harassment.






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