She Did It Before Miley



Alert: Readers, this little article has nothing what-you-might-call ‘resourceful content’.

When Disney-girl Miley Cyrus decided to go ‘bad’,  she stuck her tongue out at every award ceremonies, red carpet events, television interviews and even the SNL (and not just one but in two episodes!). This brazen wild-child look, along with her infamous VMA performance with Robin Thicke, created a frenzy over the internet, with many noted celebrities coming in support of her changed image while a few expressing their concern for the drastic, unwholesome makeover of Disney’s ‘little unspoiled princess’.

MileyCyrusTongue2013AP_largeMost people forget that Miley’s already 20, old enough to do whatever she’s doing, and she actually seems in a better condition, both financial and emotional, than many other 20 year old guys. Her association with Disney’s G-rated Hannah Montana is the only reason why many people, especially parents, condemn her transformation. Well, while we can criticize Miley for undergoing a fake-and-insincere-as-f*** ‘dirty chick’ makeover. we can’t stop her.

I was going through Lars Von Trier‘s films on the internet when I saw the above image and immediately thought of Miley Cyrus. Doesn’t singer-actress Bjork, who won the Cannes Award for Best Actress for her performance in Trier‘s 2000 film Dancer in The Dark, look extremely cute accept the award along with Trier, who won the Palme d’Or? The first time I saw Miley stick her tongue, I wanted to borrow Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broomstick and whack her till she ran off to the nunnery. But in Bjork’s case, I want to run up to the actress and give her a peck on her cheek!

Here’s one girl who can stick her tongue out without seeming rude and obnoxious. And she did it way before Miley!


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