When They Tease You Then Trick You!

I was eagerly awaiting for the release of the remake of Sam Raimi‘s cult movie Evil Dead. The original film was a splatter-gore fest that feasted on dismembering its characters in the most elaborate manner without actually being disturbing. There were a number of laugh-out loud scenes, including the one in which Bruce‘s girlfriend turns into a zombie but the movie also managed to be quite thrilling. Remember the scene in which Bruce tiptoes to the basement and there’s an entire sequence of a screen and a projector getting splashed in blood. Also the iconic tree-rape sequence which I could hardly watch without skipping the first time I saw with my family around.

So I was ecstatic when the Online booking Website here put ‘Evil Dead’ the remake in its coming attractions. Its the absolute best film to watch on the big screen while munching popcorn. But on the last day before the new releases arrive, this film disappeared the coming attractions and now the only thing that’s playing is a Bollywood Zombie film called ‘Rise of the Zombie’, which the theater owner have deliberately kept on show timings where they can charge you more (there’s not more than two shows of the film playing in the theater).

I don’t expect Evil Dead The Remake to come on television here unless of course they modify half the film before showing it. Anyway, in case any person who reads my blog actually wants to know about the latest or old Bollywood films, they can simply give me the name of the movie and I’ll give them a quick verdict.


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