Roger Ebert, Great Film Critic Dies at The Age of 70

English: Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz Hammel-...

 Roger Ebert With Chaz (left) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as I watched for the first time ‘At the Movies – with Siskel and Ebert‘ and opened Imdb to check out about a review of a film they were trashing, I caught the news of Mr. Ebert’s sad demise at the age of 70. This man is more known in the USA but I have been a great fan of his reviews because they capture his laconic style of articulately conveying why he felt something about the film. I don’t see this in so many other popular reviewers, including Mr. Richard Roeper, who’s currently handling his blog along with a few other reviewers.

Mr. Ebert’s recent venture was to limit his job to writing about films that ‘mattered to him’ and he was to start Ebert Digital. You should go to his site to check it out, although the fate of the site now that he’s gone is unknown. My condolences to Chaz, his wife whom I saw tearfully and poignantly describing Ebert’s battle with cancer on Ted Talks. It’s so sad that he just died before he could get to live his dream of writing reviews of only those films he really cared about.

R.I.P. Mr. Ebert


2 thoughts on “Roger Ebert, Great Film Critic Dies at The Age of 70

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