Every film reviewer or film critic cannot resist rating his film using some measure. Most of the sites use 0-5,0-5 or 0-100 numerical rating system. Others prefer grading their films, and follow the general A-F measure for grading. A few innovative ones have used pictorial ratings for reviewing their films. I shall presently grade my films taking inspiration from ‘credit ratings’ that are usually provided to countries to examine how worthy they are as debtors, or in other words, how safe is it to lend your money to them. In small theaters, we pay a nominal amount to watch a film of our choice but in big screen Imax theaters with Surround Sound and comfortable seating arrangements, we have to pay a great deal more. We do not get our money ‘back’ in case we love the film, but we are compensated with a rich experience that may be worth much more than the money. In case of terrible films, not only is your money robbed but you are also robbed of your much treasured ‘time’ that you could have spent watching a great film.

Here are the ratings I currently shall follow:

0 Rating: JUST SAD

0.5 Rating: D

1 Rating: DD

1.5 Rating: C

2 Rating: CC

2.5 Rating: B

3 Rating: BB

3.5 Rating: BBB

4 Rating: A

4.5 Rating: AA

5 Rating:   AAA

My next post shall grade all my previously reviewed films (originally written on Imdb).


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